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The Global Pet Market is Estimated to be Worth $109 Billion. I Absolutely Want a Piece of That Creamy, Luscious, SUPER Profitable PIE.

Do You?

Fact #1 - According to the American Pet Products Association, at least 68% of homes in the US have one pet or more each.

Fact #2 - General Mills (Cheerios anyone?) shelled out 8 billion dollars to acquire Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc BUFF.O - a fast-growing Paleo-centric trendy pet food company.

Fact #3 - SoftBank's Vision Fund invested 300 million dollars into the popular dog walking startup Wag. Think of it as Uber for dog walkers. 

What does all this number-crunching data mean for Your Pet Business?

It tells you that your competition is sneaky and smart enough to start gobbling up this divine pet profit pie.

And now YOU can jump on it too.

  • Whether it is a well-researched White Paper that depicts the story of your latest protein-only pet food product,

  • a long-form Blog Piece that is jam-packed with valuable info which makes your readers drool with joy,

  • SEO-rich Website Content that is so luscious Google won't resist showing you SERP love,

  • Free Ebooks & Reports that are fantastic giveaway material for getting tons of new leads and  building trust with old subscribers,

  • or maybe you just want Crunchy, Crispy Copy that sells so well, you have customers beating down your virtual doors,

....whatever your pet content needs, or struggles, let me get you and your business on the right track. 

The track to more moolah, more customers, better branding, better conversions and tons more of the good stuff. 

Let's talk about your vision, and your goals and your 10-year plans.

And let's make them ALL come true.

So, grab your fork, and get set to slice up a piece of this absolutely scrumptious $109 billion pet profit pie. 


Are YOU with Me? 



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Connecting Pet Businesses with Pet Lovers Online

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me.

I specialize in helping pet-related businesses and veterinary companies reach animal lovers online.

Whether you want intriguing blog posts, detailed product descriptions, SEO-rich web copy, engaging newsletters or any type of pet-industry based content that results in more subscribers and/or customers - I'm your pet specialist copywriter.

Barkeries, pet salons, veterinary organizations, boarding kennels, pet supply shops and all other businesses catering to pet owners regularly require keyword-researched, properly optimized, reader-friendly fresh content to attract more pet owners to their blogs and websites, and connect with new customers.

The right words can create magic online. 

Let me do that for your pet business and get it noticed by offering irresistible content to your online readers.



I know you may have questions about your content needs and about how I can be of service to you to get you many more new subs and sales. 

Take a look at my work samples and if you like what you see, click here to hit me up.

If you don’t find the type of pet-centric content you’re looking for, or you've come up with some queries that need a resolution, please do let me know.

I love brainstorming for fresh ideas and creating strategic content that'll act as a customer magnet for you. 

Moreover, making new connections and developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients is a passion of mine.  

Here are excerpts from 3 pieces of pet based web content that were created previously:

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Glucosamine is one of the best supplements to aid your dog’s battle against joint problems. It is proven to be fast-acting, effective and painless. A number of Glucosamine based supplements are available in the market today to alleviate arthritic pain and reduce discomfort. We will review the best glucosamine for dogs, to get your canine up and about, for the relief and joy of the whole family –because nothing is more depressing than a sick dog!

Have you seen those woeful eyes?

One of the most common joint problems of the canine family is arthritis. One in five dogs suffers some form of arthritic pain borne out of an unhealthy lifestyle, vigorous activity, a genetic predisposition or a previous accident or injury with lasting effects.

The symptoms of arthritis, while similar to those in humans, are still hard to discern in your pet. Arthritic discomfort is apparent only once the disease has progressed to sufficiently advanced levels leaving your canine in a lot of pain and it is recommended that you to consult a veterinarian immediately and start treatment to stem the progress of the disease.


Legendary writer Mark Twain once said“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.”

Truly Abyssinian cats are one of the most charming and graceful of pets that loves to live life to the fullest. And  if you have an Abyssinian kitten, you would not like to spend a single minute away from your furry height-loving pet.

Looking like small-sized Mountain Lions, Abyssinian kittens are not only beautiful but also quick and intelligent as they play harder than most kittens of other breeds. Their playfulness makes them a favorite of every member of the family. 

This is the reason these cats are considered as one of the most popular cat breeds around.

If you are also looking for a cute addition to your family of the feline kind, but waiting for excerpts from a pet owner to know more, here is your guidebook to all things Abyssinian.

Origin and DNA Link Ups

Abyssinian cats are supposed to have originated from Ethopia and that's how they were named. Later this breed got a full-fledged development in the country of the Pyramids - Egypt.

Abyssinian is among the oldest cat breeds, as according to experts, its original forefathers roamed on earth thousands of years back.

Since cat showing was a rage in the later stages of the Victorian era, this unusual feline breed was paraded in 1871 in the Crystal Palace Cat Show and took the third position in the cat exhibition.

After the second World War, only a handful of these exotic creatures were left behind, but fortunately a large number was exported to the U.S. right before the war began.



Sometimes dogs behave weirdly and jump unexpectedly on others, gnaw your couch or hash up your much-labored flower bed in the garden. Such acts of unruly behavior can be annoying and embarrassing.

But yelling or punishing your dog is not the way out.

What you need is expert help in the form of dog behavior solutions and something that teaches you the ABC’s of dog talk.

That's where the hugely popular dog behavior training guide - Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions by World-renowned animal behaviorist, Dr. Dennis Fetko, comes in.

This obedience training program for all kinds and ages of dogs is very different from the customary obedience training guides of its type. It is much more than just teaching your dog to sit, stand and fetch a ball. The pointers and detailed suggestions in the guide will tell you how to manage your pet much better and get rid of the excessive jumping, soiling, chewing, things, barking wildly, aggressiveness etc. 

Here is a brief run down on what you'll get out of this helpful dog training guide:

  • Your dog will learn to stop chewing the couch and instead, will learn to sit upright on it, if allowed by you.

  • It will greet your visitors warmly rather than pounce on them.

  • It will stop incessant barking as soon as you say the command word.

  • You will be able to walk with your pet without a leash. That in itself is a huge victory for pet owners with unruly pets.

  • The best and safest behavior medicines to administer to your pet - if necessary.

The Pros of the Program

One thing that makes this dog behavior solutions program reliable is that the recommendations are based on intensive animal behavior research. The writer has pulled together his knowledge and findings uncovered over decades of dog training. So, the suggestions given here are far superior than others as they take into account basic dog psychology. They work on rewarding the pet rather than punishing it.
 Moreover, the tips given in this book will not be difficult to implement. You will be able to coach your dog even if you can spare only a few minutes every day.
Also, most of the pointers are fun and easy. You will learn them real fast and enjoy the entire process thoroughly.

Cons of the Dog Behavior Guide:

The solutions given in this book are advanced and are for people who know the basics of dog training. If you are a new pet owner or haven’t looked through dog training material before then skip this one and search for something that covers the fundamentals.  These guidelines are very different from the usual obedience training instructions.





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FACT#1: 72% of marketers said that having a good content strategy was a major key to their success in 2018.

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FACT#2: Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019) 

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Anatole France



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